Acoustic/Ballistic tiles

Disruptive Noise

Van Dyck  Acoustic/Ballistic tiles Key advantages

Designed to reduce excessive noise in gyms, ricochet, splatter, and airborne lead in shooting ranges. Panels are 50cm by 50cm and 30mm thick. The tiles weigh 5.66 kg each.

Energy Saving

Greater than 85% recycled content, non-toxic & energy saving


Easily installed on the wall & includes i-lets for fixing to wall


Durable & high resilience


Panels have acoustic channelling to reduce noise

Approximate Tile Life

1500 – 2000 rounds before tile should be replaced


Easy to handle

ACOUSTIC/Ballistic tiles

Dramatically reduce the disruptive noise and vibrations of fitness studios and ballistic indoor ranges with Van Dyck rubber acoustic tiles. We designed these tiles to dissipate energy for a better acoustical experience for both your customers and neighbouring businesses.

With mixed-use and multifamily buildings now the norm in urban centres, the reduction of audible structure-borne sounds is essential. Understanding the design and science of sound is an essential component of any business.

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