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Gym Grass – Easy Gym & Supreme Gym

At Van Dyck, we recommend the synthetic grass that best suits you. The backing of our ranges has extra drainage for a greater influx of liquids and dirt. So sweat and spilt water bottles will no longer be a problem.

Artificial grass

Gyms and Fitness zones are very unique spaces in the sense that they require an intelligent design process to make them as practical and functional as possible.

To some extent, you could simply get some exercise equipment, put it in a room and call it a gym, but whether you are creating a home gym or a commercial one, for many that simply won’t be adequate.

There are a host of other considerations to keep in mind when putting together a workout space – from lighting and equipment layout to temperature and ventilation.

In this guide, we want to talk about flooring options – in particular, artificial grass for gyms.

Artificial gym grass products