Equine paving

equine safe

Rubber pavers & tiles

These products are very popular for parade rings and walkways at many racecourses throughout Europe. Rubber pavers are also great for inside horse walkers.

A conglomerated moulded rubber crumb tile/paver ideal for horse walkers and areas of movement and activity. Can also be used for general areas of paving offering a warm, safe and comfortable surface.

Equestrian Flooring

At Van Dyck, we supply the best rubber and rubber crumb products available for all your equine needs including stables, horse walkers, transport, racecourses, and veterinary clinics.

These rubber floors are manufactured in such a way as to be virtually indestructible and yet environmentally friendly at the same time.

Van Dyck Equine Rubber Floors are available in different thicknesses and colours to suit any budget providing your horses with a comfortable, non-slip surface on which they feel confident, calm, secure and relaxed.

Van Dyck Equine Rubber Floors