At Van Dyck, we supply the best rubber and rubber crumb products available for all your equine needs. The traditional arena or menage topping can be silica sand, which initially looks good and rides well, but after heavy use or prolonged periods of rain, you may find it riding too deep, with the creation of ruts and pits. This is where our recycled equestrian rubber surface truly comes into its own. Used as a top-up material specifically for arenas and menages, Van Dyck equestrian rubber is an ideal solution.


Our equestrian rubber chippings/chip consist of 99.9% wire-free rubber by weight which has been passed through a specialised granulator and then screened. The rubber is shredded to approximately 20mm to create a coarse grade of material. The equestrian rubber chippings/chip are suitable for riding arenas, gallops and lunges and is suitable for use in all but the most extreme weather conditions. The product is frost resistant and is very well-drained to produce a cushioned non-slip surface that is safe for both the horse and the rider.