Van Dyck Honeycomb Mat

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Van Dyck Honeycomb Mat 1012mm x 1012mm

Rubber Honeycomb Mat dedicated to pedestrian walkways and driveways (light vehicle traffic).

Important Features:

Anti slip surface.
Tiles can be laid on any even and hardened substrate (we recommend screed or concrete) with water drainage.
Absorbs noise, vibrations and shocks providing a cushioning effect.
Easy cleaning.
Flexible and resistant to frost.
Simple installation and removal.
Due to their special shape and rigidity, they allow for easily installation.

Suitable for sloping areas such as paths and driveways. Van Dyck Interlocking Honeycomb Mats are guaranteed for 3 years against cracking and colour defects.Composition: SBR Rubber & PU adhesive

Dimensions: 1012 mm x 1012 mm
Structure: Course granular structure on underside for optimal drainage
Bulk Density: 900 kg/cum
Area (1 unit) = 0.72 sqm
Colours: Black, Green, Rust, Grey

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