Van Dyck Rubber Interlocking I-Mat

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Van Dyck Interlocking I-Mat 1012mm x 1012mm

Rubber interlocking I-Mat dedicated to pedestrian walkways and driveways (light vehicle traffic).

Important Features:

Characterised by the “dog-bone” pattern, this I-mat offers a patented full 4-way interlock designIs recommended for all outdoor applications and is ideal for installations on a compacted gravel base.In areas where there are no edge or wall restraints snap-edging or restraint bordering of some type may be recommended (Not necessarily required in all situations). All season all-weather durability.Simple installation and removal. Due to their special shape and rigidity, they allow for easily installation. Suitable for sloping areas such as paths and driveways.

Van Dyck Interlocking I-Mats are guaranteed for 3 years against cracking and colour defects.

Composition: SBR Rubber & PU adhesive
Dimensions: 1012 mm x 1012 mm
Structure: Course granular structure on underside for optimal drainage
Bulk Density: 900 kg/cum
Area (1 unit) = 0.72 sqm
Colours: Black, Green, Rust, Grey

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