In order to reduce potential injuries, it essential to have appropriate surfacing. This is where the type of surfacing comes into play. It is vital to make the playground a safe place to carry out activities. Whether creating an indoor or outdoor play area, planners should go for a safety surfacing to ensure that no unwanted accidents take place. Wet pour rubber is ideal for underneath play equipment as it can be installed in a variety of depths to get to the safety requirements. The recycled rubber surface is also installed in different colours to create an entertaining environment for children to enjoy.


  • The thickness can be determined on the basis of how the area will be used and the type of equipment that will be installed.
  • Wet pour rubber can be applied to uneven surfaces which makes it suitable for flat playgrounds, sloped areas and other uneven surfaces as well.

  • Whether it is rainy, windy or sunny, you can enjoy your favourite sport no matter what the conditions are. These surfaces are weather-resistant and highly durable in nature.

  • Wet pour rubber is available in a wide range of colours and is installed in a manner to meet your needs.