FlexiGrid Livestock Mat

R928.05 incl. VAT

Per unit

Embankment Rehabilitation, dairy, equestrian and mining applications.

Important Features:

Livestock mats are great ways to look after an animal’s welfare because having such flooring can help protect livestock. They are beneficial because they help keep the animals safe and comfortable, and as a result, productive.

They are softer than wood or concrete floors and are easier on joints and muscles. They can help reduce scrapes and cuts on animals lying on the ground where they might scrape themselves when standing up from a hard surface.

The risk of problems arising from joint-related issues that are exacerbated by cold floors is reduced.

Composition: SBR Rubber & PU adhesive
Dimensions: 1015mm x 1015mm
Thickness: 40mm
Area (1 unit): 1.03 sqm
Colours: Black