Contactless Quotations

Contactless Quotations

Contactless quotations service for rubber flooring. How to book a call online with one of our representatives for a virtual consultation through Zoom.
Van Dyck online store

Launch of Online Store!

Launch of rubber flooring online store in response to the lockdown situation being experienced in South Africa. You can now shop Van Dyck products online.
website launch

Website Launch!

Website launch of Van Dyck rubber flooring. We hope you enjoy our new web design that is more user-friendly to browse our affordable rubber floor products.
future of vehicles

The Future of Vehicles

The individuals who buy or use them have to trust the technology and must be comfortable using that technology for its true value to be realized.
blockchain and tyre recycling

Blockchain & Tyre Recycling

Blockchain technology can also be used in other waste management industries and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that recyclables do not end up in landfill.