Why Use a Rubber Crumb Surfacing for a Play Area?

Rubber crumb surfacing needs to be appropriate for children who will play extensively on these types of surfaces as they grow into adults. The children will crawl, play, run, jump but they will also no doubt stumble and fall on a regular basis. Play areas will commonly include various types of activities which will no doubt include playing on equipment at various heights. The soft play surfacing will provide protection, helping to avoid disastrous falls and severe injury. Rubber crumb provides a safe option for the creation of various types of play areas.

The soft play rubber crumb surfacing can be designed to increase social activity for children. Rubber crumb is available in a whole host of colours, making it so easy to incorporate fun activities right into the surface itself. The assorted colour options can also be used to indicate different age zones or play areas. The options are endless!

The durability of rubber crumb surfacing makes it a sensible option as it is very cost-effective. It has immense flexibility which allows for ultimate design creativity, yet ensuring the safety of children is remains a number 1 priority.

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