Rubber Ballistic Block

R239.95 incl. VAT

Per unit
500mm x 250mm

Important Features:

The ballistic block eliminates the problem of bullet ricochets and airborne lead from bullet fragmentation. The System captures bullets whole through the use of advanced engineering and design concepts employing proprietary, patented materials and rubber media. All pistols, rifles and shotguns can be used right up to the backstop surface. The ballistic block eliminates the problem of air-borne lead dust and ground water lead since bullets are captured and contained within the rubber media. The ballistic block puts an end to environmental lead contamination! Using this system, most lead may be easily recovered and sold to recycling centres. This prevents lead pollution of the air and ground, which would normally occur as a result of bullets impacting with old-fashioned type metal, sand and the ground type backstops.

Tech specs

Composition: SBR Rubber & PU adhesive
Dimensions: 500mm x 250mm
Thickness: 50mm
Area (1 unit): 0.13 sqm
8 Units per sqm
Colours: Black

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