Equestrian Rubber Crumb

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Per kg
At Van Dyck, we supply the best rubber and rubber crumb products available for all your equine needs.
Standard colours: black

Key Advantages:

  • Minimising leg concussion risk by offering a level of protection for feet and tendons.
  • The equestrian rubber resists frost to around -5 degrees giving a truly year-round riding experience.
  • Very little maintenance or annual replenishment as the rubber does not decompose, break down or blow away.
  • The chipping aids surface drainage.

Our equestrian rubber chippings/chip consist of 99.9% wire-free rubber by weight which has been passed through a specialised granulator and then screened. The rubber is shredded to approximately 20mm to create a coarse grade of material. The equestrian rubber chippings/chip are suitable for riding arenas, gallops and lunges and is suitable for use in all but the most extreme weather conditions.

The product is frost resistant and is very well-drained to produce a cushioned nonslip surface that is safe for both the horse and the rider. Unlike other equestrian rubber chippings/chip, our rubber chippings contain very few fines due to our vigorous screening process and therefore will spread further and are much less likely to disappear into the sand.

Most manufacturers do not screen their equestrian rubber chippings/chip and as a result, you end up with more powders that have no benefit to an arena and only add to the weight of the load.

Topping up your arena:

For topping up a tired sand or wood chip based surface you will need the following: (please note these are based on having a 25mm top up to the area)

20 x 20m requires approximately 5 tonnes.
20 x 40m requires approximately 10 tonnes.

New arenas (or deep top up requirements)
For adding equestrian rubber to a new silica sand based arena you will need the following quantities:

20 x 20m requires approximately 10 tonnes.
20 x 40m requires approximately 20 tonnes.

If you would like a sample of our equestrian rubber then please do call or email us and we will happily send a sample to you.

Weight 1 kg