Blockchain & Tyre Recycling

Blockchain technology can also be used in other waste management industries and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that recyclables do not end up in landfill. Digital tracking of data allows for deeper analyses of supply chains. Utilising this technology with IoT devices and RFID, greater efficiencies can be gained and roque activity marginalised. Such activity has been prevalent in the tire recycling industry across the globe.

Each year, 1.6 billion new tires are generated, and around one billion of waste tires is generated. The collection and recycling of tires and prevention from landfill, sensitive habitats and abandoned areas remain a challenge for the industry globally. The tire supply chain consists of the production of raw materials, the production of tires, the distribution of tires, the use of tires and then the collection, sorting and recycling of end of life tires (ELTs). ELTs are processed into rubber granulate and energy recovery.

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