Rubber I-Mat Inserts

R438.15R1,135.05 incl. VAT

Per m2
200mm x 100mm, +/- 33 units/m2
Used as an insert for Interlocking I-Mat flooring

Important Features

  • Anti-slip surface
  • Tiles can be laid on any even and hardened substrate (we recommend screed or concrete) with water drainage
  • Absorbs noise, vibrations and shocks providing a cushioning effect
  • Easy cleaning
  • Flexible and resistant to frost.
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Possibility to cut tiles to make them match equipment or irregular surface shapes

Healthy & Eco Conscious

Van Dyck rubber flooring is an eco conscious floor covering. Because of recycling and rebuilt production made from non-toxic and low VOC polyurethane bonding raw materials. There are no contaminations like metals, stones, other plastic materials so it is safe for skin touch.


Van Dyck I-Mat inserts are guaranteed for 3 years against cracking and colour defects.

Tech specs

Composition: SBR Rubber & PU adhesive
Dimensions: 200 mm x 100cm
Structure: Course granular structure on underside for optimal drainage
Bulk Density: 900 kg/cum
Colours: Black, Green, Rust, Grey


15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm


Black, Green, Rust, Grey